Submission Guidelines

jubilat welcomes submissions of poetry and art, as well as other forms of writing on poetry, poetics or subjects that have nothing to do with poetry. All art submissions must either be in black and white or publishable in grayscale. We do not publish short stories.

The magazine's spring reading period is January 15 - April 1. As of 2007, jubilat is only accepting online submissions. Submissions sent by post will be not be considered.

Submissions should include up to four poems (up to six pages), in one .doc, .rtf, or .pdf file, and individuals are encouraged to submit no more than three times a year. The magazine does not reprint recently published material.

We are currently accepting simultaneous submissions, but please let us know as soon as you can about your acceptance.

If you are unable to submit your work online or experience any difficulties with the submission manager system, please let us know at

We have moved to Submittable as of September 1, 2016, but the previous submissions manager may be accessed for submissions made prior to April 1 of 2016.

We recommend potential contributors read a copy of the magazine before submitting. Back issues are available at a discount. For a sample copy, click here to order with your credit card, or send $6 to:

Department of English
482 Bartlett Hall
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-0515

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