Pops' Cordoba, white as was white
                         down the Altadena streets no damn sidewalks on some run the hell  off.
                     Pops' limp was his hips ate up from some shit, so a negro's knees not a bop,
                     was  hurt  on  some  Hell, something furious. A yellow Fury was his big car, then big  white:
            —not lemon yellow yellow
                                  but butter yellow sallow tallow yellow
not on some sun but what run under one. Ate up hips, Pops hit Altadena streets, his butter Fury.            
               Altadena streets,   shit,
                                     no sidewalks our side got Black peeps all up in the  streets,
            big cars. Letter-carrier Pops work letters
            in "Cadillac" what wasn't in nobody's Cadillac prior to putting a Cadillac up in his Altadena   drive
                         way he put himself hurt all hurt up in the Cadillac. Ca-DEE-LEE-ack
                                                     he'd say. No lack
like. Shit Cadillac white as was
                     white as new soap. But the Cadeeleeack a lemon, yellow in that Altadena drive was clean                              though. Lemon   fresh!
                     Big-ass cars for the way negro's knees hurt something
furious what with his hips ate.
                Clean big-ass cars. Sidewalks run-off by something
on Altadena drives.



                                        Mother was "Mom" never "Mama" from me here
                                            but gone, now, whither?
                          Over yonder? If I Mama
                                                      her now I fix for to give her what? To take?
                          What's Mama that ain't Mom

                          Mom never asked for "Mama."

saaaaid my yellow mouth what
                     it isn't. What it is not

We was, she and I,
yellow, I figure this now ontological? Yellow
                             weeeeeell, before she went over
                                               yonder she was yellow yellow jaundice, then gone, and then she was     was.      
                      Me back at that Black-ass school we wanted my yellow ass in

for to get what? or take? Saaaaaid
                                                took it all in and got all up in it Mom, then she was gone
                                  and I out of it. Mom, that "giving
                                                                         mother" fix me an epistemology now take to calling her
                                                                                 "Mama" with my yellow mouth, taking her back
                   to where she never was
                                          how I swallow her down
                                                                                                                                       now some buttermilk.