Table of Contents

Number 1

Painting (Entitled Beach Debris) in Process Toward Experience

Our Pursuit of Happiness

Ghost Story

In a Dream I speak of My Wife

The Beaufort Scale of Celestial Hierarchy


My One


Love's Portfolio

Mind the Gap

JUBILAT Interview

from 'Jubilat Agno'

from 'Necessities'

Afternoon of the Swallow

from 'Aurora'

Translated by Forrest Gander

Seven Poems

Translated by Heather McHugh & Nikolai Popov

The Half-Sketched Head

Karbala: A History of the "House of Sorrow"

All the King's Men

Fragment 96 LP

Translated with notes by Anne Carson


Nathaniel: Noddles Island

JUBILAT Portfolio:

The Lost Epic of Arthur Davidson Ficke

Desert Post Cards

Bumblebees and Butterflies

Nathaniel: Holden Chapel