Table of Contents

Number 12

I Love Them As I'm Defying Them.

I Am So Great

Three Poems

jubilat Interview

Collected from CNN

from The Dottery

Two Poems

The Object of the Object

Two Sonnets


A Dress Book

Three Poems

under tongue

Two Poems

jubilat Portfolio

Drawing in the Reader: Looking at Books in the Illustrations of Stevie Smith

Two Poems

Lucy at Parties

Three Poems

All Knee-Jerk, Nuts & Bolts


Two Poems

Wherein a Surrogate Is Determined

the lake


from This Elizabeth


Knitting: Poems 1906-1966 by X. Lax

Introduction by Peter O'Leary

We're Changing Irony

Results of the Polygraph: A Conditional Rorschach Blot or the Autobiography of What If & When

Two Poems

Translated by Joshua Beckman and the author

from The Book of the Lover and the Beloved

Translated by Eve Bonner