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It Is a City You See Through Water

Two Poems

[Erased by Waves]

jubilat Interview


Two Poems

Two Poems

A Hint of Her Death & I Dream of Losing Teeth

Two Poems

Two Poems

You Are My Captain

What's American About American Poetry? Forum


Two Poems

Farrah in Florida

Two Poems

Paint and Patriarchy

It Is Crucial To Be Able To Spot One


Across from the Shrine

Three Poems

Translated by A. James Arnold & Clayton Eshleman




Translated by Don Mee Choi

Fab, Beta, Equity Vo

from One Life

Behind the Christian Door

The service economy's econom

What falls in the pool

Two Poems

Jubilate Agno Script

from DICHTionary

Translated by Susan Bernofsky