Three Poems

Translated by A. James Arnold & Clayton Eshleman

Dwelling I

Screw you jailer

fever with its razzia dagger in its teeth fever with its torrential word in its teeth

fever thoroughbred horse sweet falcon

with its palanquin preceding me

Dwelling made of defeats

dwelling made of living ships' hulls

dwelling made of passionflower

dwelling made and remade a hundred times

dwelling made of sharks' teeth

ah hallowed dwelling made of flashing hell and damnation

of somber saps dozing in my massive ceibas

the screaming curse upon me no longer exists

the chain evil that checks our ankles

the iron collar evil that presses heavily on our shoulders

all that has been dissipated stripped away like this kernel

dissipated like the bay catching the light of fine weather in the noise bowl of the sea

stripped bare like you Volcano who at the peak of your crime hurl yourself into suicide to rejoin in the

sea's depths your accomplices the pensive porpoises yet to be born and who wait

Translated from the French by A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman.


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