Table of Contents

Number 7

Dear Owl


"Hold Me Closer Than That"

Fetus in Orbit

Flora and Fauna in Marianne Moore

The Pole of That World. The Pole of Another World

Three Poems

Curb Service at the Wienerburger Diner

Memorandum Concerning The New Emperor

Your New Glass Eye

Three Poems

Three Letters

Translated by Christopher Maurer


Afternoon of the Swallow

In The Name Of The Studio

Cedar-Plums Like—Names

Two Poems

Translated by Christina Davis


JUBILAT Portfolio

A Dark Red Space Over Light Black

Five Poems

Translated by Rick Snyder

Retired to the Tropics

from 365 Days Renamed

But Emerson Says, "The body is a metre. The eye appreciates finer differences than art can expose."

Three Prose Pieces

Translated by Antony Melville


Big Big Paper