Table of Contents

Number 14

Two Poems

Dear Ralph Lauren

Big Colt

Cross Sectionr

Distant Nearness or Hostage Being

The Atmosphere, Which Was Once Like the Inside

from 1450-1950

Somatic Loss Poem to Bird

from Huracan's Harp

Red-Legged Kittiwake

Two Poems

[In this city of work I'm making nothing]

Astral Verdict

jubilat Interview

Two Poems

and I just stood there...

The Chat

Two Poems

Lyric for Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Ocean Floor

from On Weaving

Six Poems

Hammer Head

I Know Not Since When

Translated by Ilya Bernstein

I saw the light



Abstract Practices: The Art of Joan Mitchell, Barbara Guest,

and Their Others

Sand and Gravel

Your Way of Thinking

Two Poems

When We Saw, We Marveled

from The Check-list of the Mammals of Nicaragua

Two Poems

The Dark Side of New York: Schuyler

Translated by Paul Killebrew

Gerhard Richter

The Wolves