Table of Contents

Number 10

To the Morning


Two Poems

Walton Ford

Wrestling Moves List


jubilat Interview

Technolux Neon Colors

Blues from Bed


from Italian Journey (1786-1788)

Translated from the German by W. H. Auden and Elizabeth Mayer

Our New Apartment

from A Non- Breaking

Two Poems

3:54 am Pacific Daylight

I Am a Singing Telegram

from Journey to Armenia

Translated from the Russian by Natasha Randall

jubilat Interview

Two Poems

from Trilce

Two Poems


[This is what's been done to flesh]

From Their Family Letters

Five Texts

Edited and translated from the French by Andrew Hugill

from La Science de Dieu

Translated from the French by Stephanie Lysyk and Stéfan Sinclair

Coda for Federico García Lorca

The Recollection of Some Object Formed From It

Four Poems

At the Semi-Annual Anima Retreat I Go Looking For My FemaleSide

Tonight's the Night

Biology drawings by Zella Jimmerson