[Out of Inventiveness—Looking]

out of inventiveness—looking—the clock has strayed—abandonment—bleached as day, its underside—where the fact is suffocated—submerged—defended from moral obligation—all accessories fading—in rushed revisions—light is tracing—scripting—lies are fancied—beneath awnings—and become relentless—indefatigable chords—trimmed from mouths—or lines of entries—the vision is fallible—tearing—is likened to idling—on the river—over woods, abundantly—a slippery concern—is riled—to contain abandonment—shifting—out of consonance—and anemic—in its fathering—thrown out with the trees—and the gusts—a redundant longing—in decline—all projects growing dim—hard to return to—but trying—deceptive in their celibacy—deliberate, narrowed—out of all approval—in memory—demanding—whimpering—to unearth the splendor—of the path—conceptual or curdled—I—right there in the month—leaves are showing—their triumphant signals—luminous scatter—unaware—of other diverse events—their meager capacity—for astonishment—barren ideas—loosing themselves from—legitimate reception—and so content to stutter vaguely—inside a meaningless hour—of lapsing—and converging—the day beside us—shading—in the course of its contention—which has withered—which has turned