Table of Contents

Number 3

Late Gallop

Translated by Matthew Zapruder


An Allegory of Doubt

Five Poems

Translated by Peter Boyle

That Which in Us Rises to Be Sung To

[a mule-drawn scraper packed this earth: levees]

from Waymarks

Five Poems

Themes Physiological and Anatomical

Translated by Edward MacCurdy


They Liked It Because the Wind Blew, and Blew the Birds About

Postcards from the Vienna Woods

Checked Out OK

Photograph at a Palace

Sleeping with Artemis

The Little Box

Essay on The Little Box

Translated by Anne Pennington & Margitt Lehbert

Three Poems


Two Poems

Translated by Charles Simic

Cuckoo's Report

The Sore Throat

The Lessons of the Master:

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E & Late James

Address to Winnie in Paris

A Village Journal