Two Poems

The Nervous Entertainment

for Cathy

just when I

thought I should

break it up

the other one

licked from

across the

room. A red

echo, and a blue

one slithered

on the star

leg of an

eames type

office chair

I saw

a rainbow in

a gush today

soft green

mountain I

couldn't write

about cause

my recorder

kept checking

itself &

wouldn't work.

I'm happy

cause I don't

work. I'm like

a band that

tours people's

houses playing

when they're

not around

when Cathy

said I love

poetry I thought

well that's

cause it's

going to happen

here. It's

gonna contain

that remark. After

it enjoys

your fire. When

Cathy said wait

till you see

the morning I said

I'm excited

though it sounded

like I

was dead.

I don't have

a working voice

I just have

a voice that

comes out the

way it

wants apart

from me. I think

of voices

I admire & try

to use

them & you

know how

your friends'

shirts are.


it does look

good. These

jeans are

dead. They're

getting re-


Though not till


I finish

my novel.

Robert Walser

did huge

things in

tiny spaces.

If I say

thank you

at one

more gas


I'm going to start

believing oil

is god. But

it's when

I'm still

in the


the numbers flip

the land is



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