Two Poems

Who says misery loves company?
I don't.
Yet here I sit looking at pictures...

Dadaism was a movement in which people
Now use it to describe a point in life when
After great and vociferous conviction
The jaw detaches from the face
& shoots out into the world of its own volition

Projectiles also occur in nature
Spinning, swirling
Other verbs the body made intransitive thru Dance
Among the first repetitions we governed

Looping the small park
I do my Australian accent for Dan
& in that moment there is only the accent
Nothing else exists

They invented           Leafy High rise-view
They invented           Rabbit skin glue
They invented           looking through the window
They invented           inner truth

(I stole that from Matt Klane)

And I will fill my mouth with dense foods as I eye the trash bags


I run into him once (Matt) jogging
It's the dog hour, Neon collars against the night
Whizzing, romping
Has it all been one single hypnosis?

Frail islands of foam on the grey sea / through the rounded square windows
          of the D

Beeps of light when
The pink/blue ball is thrown
The dog runs past a nimble wrist
A pizza it would like to sleep with


Remember in the dance ballet in Singin' in the Rain
The mobster tosses the coin up badly
& has to jerk his hand quickly to catch it?

Or remember Ann Murray in Easter Parade
So smug, spinning till her hair is slapping her
In the face, slapping as only the hair of another can
This poem began with a Dadaism

Dreamed Lorraine locked me out of her dressing room
refused my interview
I came home, lay on my back
my tongue out, my nose against the world, swaying toward it, breathing heavily...