Four Poems

You Are an Epitome of Beauty

I thought of a marvelous
If you're reading this
And having negative
Thoughts imagine
Now those thoughts
Exiting through
Your shoulder blades—­­
As soon as they hit the air
They're seahorses
Behind your back they're
Building an air school to
Hash it all out. Now
Picture the seahorses
Coming to show you
The results of
Their long studies
They say we are too pretty
To be sad
And the deep
Inside you though dark
Is full of
Electric coral—
We only got negative
Because we couldn't
Be seen but now
We can see our beauty
Now we're educated
Let us teach you!

Then they show you joy.


Happy Ghost Emoji

Tonight I am reborn
As Happy Ghost
You can contact me
Via Ouija, baby
I'm the Weegee
Of passion crimes committed
Solely in the mountains of
Where streams flow
Whose water
Marbles like flesh and where
Werewhos prey...
Rise into the tree crowns,
Star of day
Be the monster whose each step
Makes wood blooms
Forever verb.


Perfect girls singing
In liberated silos

The industrial revolution didn't
Save us nor will the digital

Is what I'm thinking as I see
On the one basic

Inner channel
Us walking high and happy in the snow

Of this immemorial year
I loved you and still do

What do you think, who will be
The last to text before

One of us dies
I get that you didn't want to wake up

Each morning to a mental goddess
But I really did trust

You n I would make it
I'll be so mad

If love turns out not to be a person


You got me where
You want me
A shiny memory a curse
To pray to, whatever
I'm immaterial
So I sleep many hours, pull up
In a fly hearse to
The House of Death
A tall black square I'm 'sposed
To tremble before, I take a pic
And put it on Instagram
Outside, the porch
Runs into the shallows
Where a preacher melts into
The surf, reborn
As a foam idea
And inside
Trees make their own wild
Arrangements in the
Dining room nook
I hide in the bathroom
To masturbate
When I come out it's summer
Our kid is playing
On the veranda
Whole house is white
If this is the other world
I'm ready