survival #

Survival # 

Stacey Tran 

"here's the thing" 

"can I be honest with you" 

"what are you most afraid of " 

"I want to pull you out of the quick sand" 

I learned to walk backwards 

I begin to look for the blossoms that blew away in the weeks I wasn't home 

my co-workers tell me to celebrate my mother's wishes 

so that I can form my own for her to celebrate one day 

good point 

on a walk the other night we had our own church: a box of chilled wine
     and Gardettos for dinner 

I took some puffs of a cigarette 

don't tell anyone 

someone always knows the true parts of the poem 

it's all true 

I know 

I am slipping away from answering this question but the future is the sea
     and I look at it to find a moon

full in my soul 

Robyn Hitchcock said "the past is over and the present will be sadly" 

I cried 


we fell asleep and the next day was new 

the bald coast where the air rolls over us 

we feel cold again 

as if to become closer again 

you hold me up against the alarm going off 

the perfectly poached egg is breaking, running all over my sleeve 

I, too, have let this go 

I climb into your eye and kiss all the hairs 

that's gross 

but so is the future and we are in love, finally, an easy thing to admit