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Table of Contents

How Crushed We Were on the Way to Comraderie

Two Poems



Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Tipping Point Prayer

Two Poems

Two Poems

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

Selected New Texts on the Anthropocene: Food, Nature, and Agriculture




Parasitic Twin

Three Poems

There’s a Hole in the Bucket

Two Poems

The Driftwood House

Four Poems

100 Works in Mill Aluminum

from Imogen and the Beginning of Color

Two Poems


(Translated by Olivia Sears)

Two Poems

Five Poems

jubilat Interview

Clothes That Are Too Small or are No Longer Needed

When You Died

After You Left

Appearances of Eternal Presence: Fantasticks

selected by Emily Bludworth de Barrios