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Table of Contents

Was Pretty Was Kids

Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Translated by Michael Thomas Taren and the author

Sorry David David I Am So Sorry

Two Poems

Why is a mouse sad?

Three Lyric Plays


Two Poems

Two Poems

A Hand

Mercury Four

Two Poems


Three Poems

Mantra 1


Translated by Ljubica Arsovska and Peggy Reid

Two Poems

Two Poems


On Silence

On Nocturnal Light

starkness falls

Somewhere Golden

Two Poems

Extracts from Unkindness

Quiet Failures

Geologic Time

Two Poems

The Extinct

The Clocks, Lobotomous

Two Poems

Translated by Dan Rosenberg and Boris Gregoric

Two Poems

Door Out. Out

Two Poems


Two Poems

Hi, Again

Muscle Mystery Sutra

The Physical Experience of Sleep and Dreaming

I'm Aware of the Animals Within Me