Light flashed like a dolphin

Half-seen in water

Glittering green jungle

Broad blades we assume

Behind darkness

Toss onto the waves

Assorted jams and marmalade

Soft breads

Rippling outward from the trance

Salted joints of meat


The heat returns

Smoke from a cigarette

With a flick of the wrist

Tossed overboard



In the cottony gurgle of the breeze

A metallic ping like a Pepsi can

Thundered slowly behind the clouds

Uniform and high grass

Catching some resisting heel

Or camera-work crouched there

Breath and moonlight blue

Battery mist below

Us banana trees fading

Into dark green swirls blond

Dust dull

Quartering of propellers quarrying

A last reticle amid the holographic

Fronds scanning

For sparks in the reliquary



Secretions of the maggot

Shift and shimmer

In the distance

Trees sway

Like luggage leaning

Into the platform