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Table of Contents

Number 13

Alien Shawl

The New Oblivion

Two Poems


Who Never Combs the Moonlight

Notebook C: On the Discomfort of Being in Time

A Brief History of Lying

jubilat Interview

Jaunt to Vermilion

Two Poems

Two Poems

Four Conceptual Approaches

Our Heroes Are Not Impressed with Your Table

Three Poems


Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Four Horoscopes

Sugarbottom Song

The Lingering Sense of Edal

Two Poems

Entry Forbidden

Two Poems

In the Book of Nothing

Two Poems

[Shiver; Shiva; Shiv]

The Ashbery Bridge: Poetry and Public Space

Photographs by Kelly Everding

Two Poems

Two Prose Pieces

Translated by Christian Hawkey & Uljana Wolf

Protean Woods

from Apnea

Two Poems


O Canada