Adult Situations

A former soldier tries to rescue a kidnapped nuclear physicist from a terrorist who wants her to create warheads.

A corporate climber, whose boss and others use his apartment for hanky-panky, aids a young woman.

A litigious brother-in-law urges an injured TV cameraman to sue.

A declared-dead man hides out with a widow after his wife and her lover botch his murder.

The Russian inventor of a new marine propeller falls in love with a woman in 1939 London.

The amateur sleuth has a killer, a gangster and the police on his trail.

An assistant New York district attorney works and flirts with his adversary and her kooky artist client.

A checkout girl covering for a co-worker faces danger from a drug dealer she double-crosses out of desperation.

Evil partners experiment on an infant and send his twin to a reputable research nursery.

Two Navy SEAL rivals go on a Persian Gulf mission, to seek and destroy weapons stockpiled by Iraq.

Four teenage outcasts use mental and physical powers to punish their high-school tormentors.

An insurance salesman joins would-be heirs and the butler in a mansion with a millionaire's corpse.

Three inept private eyes try to catch a killer gorilla at a spooky mansion.

A law enforcement officer from Earth seeks vengeance for his brother's mysterious death on Mars.

A dishonest lawyer must prove he is not a killer.

A conspirator turns an arrogant ruler into a llama.

Genetically engineered piranha head for a beach resort.

A man takes singing lessons from drag-queen neighbor.

People hide in a house from carnivorous walking corpses revived by radiation fallout.

An innocent couple faces life in prison after false accusations of child molestation.

Explosives ace helps woman get revenge in Miami.

A giant mutated lizard wreaks havoc in New York.

An undercover policeman tries to thwart an old friend, now a Los Angeles gang leader.

David and Kathy spend half of their third date lying and the other half confessing.

Mystery writer and her friends are stalked by a faceless throat-ripper in a haunted house.

Rival reporters mix romance with work as they hunt an apartment-house killer.

A doctor injects himself with ape fluid and turns hairy; he needs human fluid to turn back.

While blackmailing a corrupt police officer, a man becomes involved with two women.

No-frills policewoman is ordered to protect a pampered actress who has witnessed a murder.

From a sanitarium morgue slab, a corpse tells how she died and who was involved in her death.

Sent to a Wyoming summer camp, troublemaking surfer twins are mistaken for forest-ranger recruits.

A 14-year-old orphan becomes an NBA basketball player after he finds a pair of magic sneakers.

An all-powerful New York gossip columnist gives a press agent some dirty work.

A nightclub singer turns alcoholic after quitting her career to marry a rising singer.

A woman gives etiquette lessons to her reluctant granddaughter who is heir apparent to a throne.