When God was a cup of coffee,

I lay my mouth down.

To begin the day ordinarily.

The girl inside the girl.

Grown all manly and lover-like.

I catch myself like a dove.

Just 15 minutes ago.

The whole kernel flies up and hits the sky with shout.

Myself broken apart in several rubies.

And I am afraid it can't happen again.

That even the book is too much.

One then two.

Two then one.

My father says Bibigay ang Diyos isang Peking Duck or two?

Is God going to give us one Peking Duck or two?

My lover has never had Peking duck.

He does not look disposed.

I like God alright but I don't understand anything he's talking about.

There he is blinking beside the ferris wheel.

On the ferris wheel, her God-book flew out of her lap

and she was relieved.

She screamed you bitch. Try to see where it lands.

Try to feel my thoughts for it.