Genus Distorsio Röding 1798

Writhing Shell

Field Note (Lamarck):

Today was good

for nothing, sun all

day, all of us

drunk again.

Found it back

a ways, seven

whorls, in grass, don't

know what the hell

to call it.


McGinty's Writhing Shell

Field Note (Emerson & Puffer):

Distinct. Collected 7:36

this a.m. shallow

littoral. 1 example. 1

1/4" White to yellow-

white. 6 whorls Terminal has pronounced

bulge. Puffer notes

comparison to Lamarck, pronounced

teeth on outer lip. Aperture:

small. canal short. Puffer very

animated. Held it. cried

Eureka! Called to me

Kissed it

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