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Table of Contents

Three Poems

The Art of Speaking

Three Poems

Two Poems

from Family Album

from The Argonauts

Four Poems

Translated by Zachary Schomburg and Alisa Heinzman

Where's My Whimsy?

Two Poems

Such shapes of rain like patterns of dream static and then a fogged lens

Epithalamium: Homage to Minstrel, Homage to Water

To the Moth in the Phlox

Take Care

Monologue During a Blackout

Two Poems

Mirror of Slavery/Mirror Chicanery: The Freed Songs of Berryman/Brown

Three Poems

Grandma's House


Two Poems

Two Poems

The Margin Is for the Holy Ghost

from The New Years

Two Poems


Make Full Use of What Happens to You

Two Poems

Translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval


The Doors of Perception