When My Fever Breaks

I will be in my chalk outline
Of a bed, with my chalk outline
Lover, when the illness leaves
Me like a clutch of worms.
They look like silver bracelets
As they inch away, taking all day.
I will be so excited that I won't
Swallow sleep for an entire week,
Rather I will wear short shorts
Outside the ballpark, I'll hold
The moon. Nachos are my all-
Time favorite. I will no longer
Eat the mold I keep finding
In the brains of raspberries.
I will clean up my room. But
Which papers do I keep when
All of them are similarly obscene?
They will make such a handsome
Book upon my death. But this
Isn't about that – This is about
Leaving the bed, finally, the bed
Become the airport waning to
A letter stamped in the hills.
Believe me: I will eat lemons
And kale, like a pretty boy on
An urn. My lungs will be two
Clean, well-lit rooms. I will be
Happy. If that's still the point.

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