I closed my eyes

And the wind blew

What happens when we die?

The world is a vampire

This assignment to fail

Dripping with the fluid of the movies

I stained the map

Left the pins in for years

Then moved each flower

Everything changes

Privacy settings, the century

There is a very old reason why

Hold your ear to the poem

Can you remember all of your love

Even the time it was only a pair of earrings?

Between me and the past, the past is more muscular

Who have I been?

Among all this beeping

Licking the cobwebs just to taste them


Letting my hair grow

Not quite ready to leave

Hammock strung between my heart and the light

Breathe, breathe in the air

No one knows the final score

I'm hungover, therefore I am

The violent 6:37 a.m. colors

It's hard to think time goes anywhere at all

Love is a burning thing

Feelings are chemicals augmented by chemicals

The limits of sadness

The angle at which the sun hits

And other symptoms of my dollars

Sheer media

This spinning planet

Soft as VHS tape

The only use for your body is to be in the world

Spill perfume all over

Kick at a wall until a mountain comes out

There are so many nights I don't remember

What happens in your blood when every star is pulling at once?

What in your life has been like skipping stones?

I never wanted to own things

Becoming old is becoming hard in your ways

When to rely on mystery

When to put blood in a jar

Counting seems so ridiculous

But I do it too

How conventional yearning can be

I prefer witching hours

Incense on my breath

Sensations the shape of the sky

You can always be led farther away

What a wave does

What I wanted when I wanted you

A silly little entropy

Centered on Virgo options

Next time something ends say thanks for the song

Cast your ankh deep in the mud

You are the ocean previously

Everything on the earth has been

Made from materials on the earth

No matter how many skulls I've seen

Death still isn't real

Machines are flawed

So are good people

Days fit in squares or circles

Less than the size of your youth

I never found it, that feeling I had

But sloshed in the residue

Carried its heft on my back

The dizzying space after my body is excuse enough

To keep coming into this world

With obsessions that rip my jeans

Grabbing at the numbers

Trying to be the sun

When things seem fatal I return in the town where I grew up

Daylight kisses my old bedrooms

The bones tighten

The hours fill your mind until they all fit

Between the sorcery and rain

I couldn't tell you how it happens

Sometimes loss is too dull

So it makes sense

To fall into something else

Or buy a new wardrobe

Maybe it's impossible, to get it all in

Before a cloud carries me away

And now the humming

One ripple, then four thousand

Has silence ever hurt you like that?

I wish I knew where they came from

Those brilliant gaps

Releasing phosphor

Like taking your shirt off

A fierce anthropomorphic habit of the dust

That bend in the graph

Saying hold the match

Divide by zero

If all that's left is the total wound of wanting

And an American voice

Call it childhood briefly again

Pharaonic chairs waiting at my kitchen table