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Table of Contents

Number 15

On Dry Sod

Two Poems

Two Poems


The Thunder Room

A List of Exercises in Drawing

Two Poems

from Little Commentaries

Three Poems

It's verily each, my love

Have a Good One

I Love Karate

Adult Situations


Two Poems

Choking You

Two Poems

Two Poems

Lake Powell, AZ

jubilat Interview

from Clock, Deck, and Movement, a modular poetic

activities piece for five players

Morse and Fractals (Dawn Blessings)



Three Poems

Two Poems

Your Wedding Cake

the serious repercussions

jubilat Interview

Ionic Man

Today the Sky Belonged to Lola

Two Poems

Translated from the German by Iain Galbraith and Andrea Scott

Outlandish Proverbs

Selected and edited by D. Nurkse

My Way Is the Highway

Poem in the Shape of Refuge

So Perky

Two Poems