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Table of Contents

Number 16

Two Poems



"It Must Change": Wallace Stevens and the Digressive Ars Poetica

Four Poems

Black Poet Writes His Wife, 2007

Tree in the Ear

No Ship, No Crew, No Fate

Pataphysical Snowflakes


Arrested Development

Don't Try This at Home

Selected and edited by Brett Fletcher Lauer

The Creators


from I Seem to Be a Verb

Two Poems

Pretrial Conference in Chambers

Three Poems

The Offering

Two Poems

"the world reflected in the place you are"

Music Is Feeling, Then, Not Sound

Two Poems

Two Poems

What's Done:

Two Poems


Two Poems

Jack Spicer Magic Workshop Questionnaire

Two Poems


et al.

jubilat African American Experimental Poetry Forum