GO GO GREEN HELL—I'm all groan—I'm all grown up—

We waited and blasted pragmatic and frantic past the immaculate break in the latex, patty cake in our gas tank, the alchemy elastic of our fastening Cadillac evaporated after this fucking jocular massacre.

The butane baby will blame us later—gain our better taint. Terrained and aged and awful and screw the grater so so bad—

Awake in the hallway—I'm not scattered about you—I'm all about you—

Agree with mediocrity—at some point you leave so banner your hands on me. Borrow these bed sheets and battle the breaking babel with wound. 


I see your pee and know its noon and I haven't peed today. Chase this tang chase this pain chase this exacting tang and manipulating parade after forsaking your other alter-eager as I scuffle through each and every year tell me ten more times do you want me here. 

I was made to believe there's something wrong with me—sorry this noise is all my honesty. 

The tapping nails on this ultimatum matchboard watch me playing Mary. Take anticipation like a bulb in the armpit, mistake in the bulgur. 

Poon like it's over me. I know your voice isn't this deep (it works for me).


Family pulping. It smells like the in between of a tree's ass cheeks in here. Pardon practically and spatter. This gets worse worse. 

Lock this in lock this in. I'm worried I will let this down. Don't let up—let the cartography get the rest of you—don't let eternity make this lonely. 

I smell chiefly trees between you—this is a mess of matter timber—thicket equipment greater than every dick in this slitting perpendicular splayed and delaying static—polaris and kited pudendum—onerous precise and terrified—that's about the size of it.

Futurecome futurecome collapse in collecting all these extra. I could spread them out again. I'm asking after your ascot. I can't neck my way to you, it's time I came for you.

Go, go, green ghosts! Meet our melody loaded home! The entry is way way eager. Greet this slow and siren.