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Founded in San Francisco and directed by poet-architect Abraham Burickson, Odyssey Works has produced more than a dozen large-scale interdisciplinary collaborative performances since 2001. The goal is simple: to know the audience so well that the group can customize a performance so meticulously that it might change a life. To do this, they spend a great deal of time studying each audience member before formulating an experience for them. The resulting performances, elaborated by theater artists and musicians, writers and visual artists, sound artists and graphic designers, challenge artists to work across disciplines and to upend their understanding of the artist-audience relationship.

To see a video about Odyssey Works, click here. To read the interview with Abraham Burickson by Matthea Harvey, click here to purchase jubilat 20.



A note from Abraham Burickson:

In 2012, Odyssey Works will be producing pieces in San Francisco, New York, and Austin,TX. If you would like to apply to have one of these made for you, please fill out the following questionnaire and mail or email it back to them.

Filling out this questionnaire is the first step in becoming part of Odyssey Works. To continue on your way, we will need to ask you a few questions. Please answer only the questions that you feel comfortable answering. We encourage you to elaborate on information not directly requested in the question or to skip questions you don't feel strongly about. Bear in mind, there are no wrong answers. Please allow two hours to complete this form. We will be speaking with more people than we will be able to include in the performance. We hope to be able to include you, but we regret that we cannot guarantee one.

Your written responses to this questionnaire are not strictly confidential, as they may be included in public documentation. We will do our best to be discreet and to consult with you before doing so. Later in the process you may share information that will be deemed confidential. Any, some, all, or none of your answers may be used to construct this performance. The more details you provide, the better we will be able to create this piece.


Warning! Once you have completed this questionnaire, it becomes living material for Odyssey Works. The information you provide will project your profile into the performance, even if you later decide to terminate your involvement Odyssey Works. The nature of the performance is an ongoing, organic, and evolving process—we won't be able to tell you what it will entail until the performance date nears. We very much appreciate your engagement with us. Our creative process begins with you.


SECTION ONE: Biographical Data

Please tell us very briefly about the following:

1) What is your date of birth?

2) Place of birth

3) Current place of residence

4) Other places you have lived in your life

5) Relationship Status

6) Siblings

7) Parents, grandparents

8) Children

9) Occupation

10) Education


SECTION TWO: Likes/Dislikes

1) What is your favorite color?

2) What are your favorite sounds?

3) What do you find most beautiful? Least beautiful?

4) Describe your favorite/least favorite beverage

5) Describe your favorite/least favorite food

6) Describe your favorite/least favorite place in the world

7) Describe your favorite/least favorite place in the town/city where you currently live.

8) How do you spend your free time (hobbies, sports, etc.)?

9) What are your favorite/least favorite art works and why?

10) What are your favorite/least favorite written works and why?

11) What are your favorite/least favorite musical works and why?

12) What are your favorite/least favorite films and why?

13) Other likes/dislikes?



1) Write a short biography in three paragraphs. The first paragraph is about your childhood. The second paragraph is about your life since you left home. The third paragraph is about where you are now.

2) How do you feel about your mother?

3) How do you feel about your father?

4) What is your sexual orientation? Describe (as much as you feel comfortable) your relationship to sexuality.

5) Have you ever been in love? What are your thoughts on love?

6) What is your current family life like?

7) Describe your history and current relationship with spiritual practices and religion

8) Describe a memory related to the sense of smell or related to food.

9) What would your younger self from 10 years ago say to you now?

10) 10 years from now, what might your older self say to you now?



1) What is your biggest external fear?

2) What do you fear about yourself?

3) What is your biggest unlived dream in life?

4) What is preventing you from realizing that dream?

5) What do you do well?

6) What do you not do well?

7) What do you enjoy doing the most?

8) What do you enjoy doing the least?

9) What is your relationship with money?

10) What is your relationship to nature?

11) What is your relationship to your spouse/significant other (if there is one).

12) Would you be willing to be blindfolded?

13) Would you be willing to wear ear plugs?

14) Do you have any food allergies?

15) Do you have any physical conditions that might hinder your participation?



1) Describe a major life-changing experience?

2) What is your favorite sense?

3) What are your most important values?

4) What makes you angry?

5) What makes you feel sad?

6) How do you feel right now?

7) Do you have any pets?

8) Describe an interesting or significant dream that you've had recently.

9) Based on what you know of Odyssey Works, what do you expect will happen?

10) Is there anything else you'd like to share at this time?

Thank you!

Please email your response to applications@odysseyworks.org or snail mail it to:

Abraham Burickson
248 Bonview
San Francisco, CA 94110

The sooner we receive your reply the better.