[Today is full of harsh noise and everything else.]

Today is full of harsh noise and everything else.
Any town can feel like heaven.
Fox Hollow and the Chateau are inexhaustibly
haunted. A scene from the valley that reminds you of being young.
Are you glad to see the season because it helps
when the dead come back? Maybe there was a
real life slaughter inside you? Pull my face
against your solar plexus, my Virginia, that place of power.
The past sucks. 36 hours listening to American Football,
then I woke up in the water near lower Manhattan and Michael
was the only one who would come to see me.
Dreams are real experiences. There was a scent
there I picked up that reminded me of someone else.
Out there, all that universe, and me stuck in this
pattern of seven repeating days. Let's spread out our thoughts
under all this sky. Men don't understand anything.
When I come back blonde I'm going platinum and staying that way 
for a long time.