Sorry Was In The Woods

when changing woods means changing woodsmen

there isn't a woodsman to say stop

saying that is a symbol for that thing

another who may stop another reason why

you feel anxious when you mean timber

or their refusal to name the specific place

when to stop when to insist it is time

to say you are a question in the collapse

so leave the woods so the woods becomes there

where it's too much a raised voice raising

confusion between threats and pointing

to the alleged plan I decided to make

the choices I do a disorder that prevents

a productive fall despite another woodsman leaving

at the time it is time to acknowledge a problem

is capable of being a victory that is a loss

like the exact fire you imagined I said whisperdanger

said I admit fault and I cannot say it again

in another woods of preferences where someone

will of course choose to separate the panic

disorder from the panic when the wind is an explorer

with closed eyes you focus on worrying the witness will be

so scared he'll cry out not scary not for those who prefer the woods

never be able to approximate the fall the woodsmen can