Should I Learn A New Language

No! I'm getting married on a boat in five minutes 
I'm having a baby on the table 
I'm elaborately renewing my vows 
my child is screaming 
my husband is aging 
our house is built at a slant 
our neighbor is punting our cat 
our son is so flaky 
my daughter is dating 
my dog's now a grandpa 
my career is soaring! 
my daughter is bankrupt! 
my ailments are combining 

Can I take a minute to call my dear friend from college? How we 
walked together, to and from school. Her ideas were revolutionary. Her husband is hilarious. She has billowy, black hair. 

my curls are confusing! 
my husband is suing 
his eyes are like fish eggs 
his hair is arresting 
the clouds are so skinny 
the weather's redundant 
our president is pretty 
my eyelids are crusty 
my husband's in rehab 
my children run prisons
my legs sound like attics 

I go back to college. I'm old but I'm working. My dorm makes me silly. My body goes backwards. 

my teeth get too whitened 
I'm back a few birthdays 
I'm young and I'm scheming 
my boyfriend's proposing 
I wish I was older 
my math test sucks big time 
my best friend smokes Winstons
my allowance is puny 
my pet is the best thing 
I live with my parents 
I'm kind but I'm daring


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