Origins changed
into a black V-neck
sweater from Banana
Republic well those

drifter Timberland
days are past me now
I've got so much more
to think about deadlines

and commitments
Ocean Pacific nights
what to leave in rapid
confusing growth as

the detached house in
its suburban garden
I hate when I get a
catalogue and then I'm

forced multiple auto
ownership regulating
piazzas locally known
as porches I bought this

last summer pause for
the mosquitoes in my
yard Paradise breeze
I decided Dangerden

to carpet my stair Dewalt
I knew the prices out there
and I think I scored TCBY
I am crying because I just

bought Hope Intense Coach
I know there's no such
thing as a best Crock-Pot
if they have Cinnabon

we usually stop there
I had to exchange Gerber
a visor apparently my head
is not a small–medium

There's a cotton shortage
or something Atomlab I did
not even want the jeans
I bought I bought them just

because there's a Western
Digital there's a better life
Infiniti and you think about it
don't you these are our 4

fav places to find designer
labels One Star it's all Creative
Labs brand new but it was all
a big disappointment when

I got home the certificate
showed up a week after
I bought my new sunglasses
Lite-On you like pink don't you

I got a raspberry pink leather
hobo bag because I need some
color in my life Hefty it wasn't
in stores so that let me down

I'd Love to Take Orders

from You

Additional Lyrics


How is the fundraising process coming along

you ask? Money is never the question

in these situations. Hi, I'd like to extend a warm

welcome to you and the folks in your department.

I'd love to pass this stuff out for free if I could—

I'll take cash, cashier's check, check, or money order.

The surfers I'd want to talk to right now

would not be capable of small talk.


You owe it to yourself to take the time

with this compassionate guide to self-love

and acceptance. Everyone here is taking orders

from the top down. Please respect my work

and do not take it. The seeing is believing thing

doesn't really work here because there are plenty of us

working out there silently. He said I'd get paid for this,

but I still have not seen one penny.

Girlfriend of the Whirling


Additional Lyrics


One ride on this wild, magical toy

and you'll never be wanting a man again.

Just slip this dancer between your thighs

and hold on! Why do you think they call it

a Whirling Dervish? Today I am a whirling

dervish of joy and beauty. Hop on board,

my friend, I'm the mixed up boy-girl

who splashes all the way through this

space ship and turns the man inside into

a singing whirling dervish.


I have a good friend in Kansas City,

Missouri, but her friend talks bullshit and

enunciates like some kinda fancy college girl.

He glared mournfully at his friend:

we just lost the best waitress in the business.

And then she burst back into the barn,

like a tiny whirling dervish.

At one point I saw my friend spinning like

a whirling dervish and my other friend summed it up

as adrenaline, endorphins, Heinekens.