"Get a new math"

Echoes of terriers in a blind alley:
instances are not only sounds—
listen and repeat:
the instance is not static
but singular. We are rich
with reverberations, so we carry
silence unsteadily. There are
omens we haven't hatched yet.

"a reason offered for or against something"

The air calmed and everyone lowered
their umbrellas. When we leave,
we are manifestations of loss
as much as we are moving tokens.
When we pass from timepiece to ornament,
we should wrap this up and take cover.
It is a window. It will close.
We can make it back by dark.  

"Our ears are now in excellent condition"

No end to the noises. They supersede:
to four sources of jack-hammering,
one circular saw;
If bricks were shorn clean,
we'd have a temple
erected on the cobbled shore.