In the Days of Socrates

Translated from the German by Richard Sieburth

Time was God judged



who judges now?

Is the entire people

judge? the holy congregation?
No! O No! who judges now?

a race of vipers!         false and cowardly
the nobler word no longer

On the lips
O in the name of

                                                                         I call you

Down old daemon!

Or                  send

A hero



[When there are flames above the vineyard]

When there are flames above the vineyard
Which looks coal-
Black around the time
Of autumn, since
The stalks of life breathe more fiery
In the shadows of the vine. But
It is a beautiful thing to unfold
The sound and this brief life

[I want to build]

I want to build

and raise new

the temples of Theseus and the stadiums

and where Perikles lived

But there's no money, too much spent

today. I had a guest

over                and we sat together