Letter from the Editors

Contributors, readers, subscribers, poets, writers,

who've followed jubilat through some or all of its 20 plus years have done so for its simple style, its early adoption of poem/prose mixes, its inclusion of images as just as significantly provocative as texts, its quietly wide-ranging content choices and its handsome shape and size.  

For spring 2020's issue our editors and staff have chosen to make available jubilat 37 in its entirety on jubilat's website.  You can find two fantastic interviews:  David Richardson interviews Lydia Wilson on the origins of language, and Laura Marshall interviews Ada Limón about her recent poems.  

You will also find Lynn Melnick on Dolly Parton, and Juleen Johnson's collection of Jorie Graham's epigraphs, a selection from Nick Maione's 1000 NAMES FOR A DAY and a Maya Sharpe photo portfolio. jubilat is pleased to offer you new poems by Felicia Zamora, Leah Xue, Emma Wippermann, MeeRee Orlandini, Suphil Park, Sal Randolph, Jon Ruseski, Chelsi Sayti, Alana Solin, Jordan Stempleman, Rosie Stockton, Ojo Taiye, Brittany Tomaselli, Zoe Tuck, Lena Kahlaf Tuffaha, Myronn Hardy, Kathleen Hellen, Michael Hurley, Anastasios Karnazes, Rami Karim, Ada Limón, Lauren Milici, Rajiv Mohabir, Madeleine Mori, Colleen Baran, Conor Bracken, Ali Black, Jack Christian, Caroline Crumpacker, Cynthia Cruz, Jeff Dolven, Keith Donnell, Jr., Kate Garklavs, Katherine Gibbel and Robin Gow.  We thank and recommend Antidote Books of Putney, Vermont, owned and operated by Ruth Rodriguez and Jeremy Sowell.  

Everywhere you turn this spring you're asked to allow art to accompany you, to console you, offer you both shy and bold hopes, and remind you of the great force of life you're living.  jubilat wants to thank its Managing Editor Michael Medeiros for taking such good care of jubilat; give special thanks to its Assistant Editor Jack Chelgren who made it possible for jubilat's reading staff to keep up with submissions, these readers include Alan Fraser, Clayton Fejes, Leah Barber, Nellie Prior, Raquel Perez De Alderete, Roman Sanchez, Roxanne Ringer, Shana Bulhan, and Jennifer Lapinel Spincken. We thank jubilat's Assistant Editors, Jayson Keery, Laura Marshall, Nellie Prior, Leah Barber, David Richardson and Juliana Ward for bringing good ideas to life in jubilat's pages. We thank jubilat's Web Editor Lauren Haldeman for bringing jubilat to the internet.

Caryl Pagel, Emily Pettit
and Dara Wier