hold on hold too above waiting don't want
was young which was in the eye behind why
follow even the dead the moon rewinds
to rusty air even in love staring
at done love lying right in a stayed time
that once without cases refrain alone
looking down in does help twisting true then
soon the roads before a little rusty
river take you riding from beautiful
standing up till the most bright strangers wish
at sea running ghost could have hours enough
this hold now mine sense this body to shape
by the time atmosphere cries on us
was can't feel no more since laughing enough


blew over said on a stone need to make
for granted easy been told who are real
at taking the moment pleases to
tell what supposed can't tell along with close
to the night eyes haven't touched back past
lashing why as firing reminded if
maybe washed maybe cloudy all I say
needed or to be held as long enough
until every window wandering by
the river saves first vanishing rain to
empty away from harvest to follow
back so pretend the signs trust if glacial
over without thinking whatever walked
it was between morning and that before

hoping so hope can't erased one day call
down the way surprised crashing on silent
can tell riding out to settle on
pasture in the heat wavered lonely
some nights certainly calling now so high
if it's done wonderful these rays surface
wisdom prove light sometimes prove rotation
under reach for ears for summons or light
going down living gone open where love
only ever the way facts arrival
slow have soon leaving all down before
lost all is never going back for
coasting on when most as time may not be
finally weren't as quick to be left up


there for never lost and when there alone
got enough never for hour finest
in the perfect out of order this be
finest without trying so stop sober
one minute if deceiving if telling
would change do not all never mind using
change was a fox tattooed would say many
confused to almost breaking as forgot
almost forgot away to anyone
all to long fall to another name down
can't instead someone else as can easy
laughing as seen before happier not
better don't figure summer more counting
safe can say every wrecking will never


shuddering found when louder sing louder
out so sing is gone than the blue shadow
in solitude stars rain for nearly blind
nothing to do breathe empty in the room
probably turning world can fly naming
come on alive breathing could memory
find right eyes don't need neverending shine
falling all day hot and time swallowed in
always to watch than stronger to go while
to where instead a little more seeing
rhythm shooting down riding in calling
out should be airwaves such losing should find
stuttering instead should be losing now
heading for compare how midnight standing