TV Date

Let's get naked
watch Nickelodeon
held by the touch
of the moss velour couch
peach-fire dusk
framed by window egress.
Darkness balloons
my baroque emotions
ditto gallons of slime
slicking gullible strangers.
Who registers
for public shaming?
Broadcasts desire
for synthetic overwhelm?
Whose psyches seek
scrutiny in the form
of liquid humor?

Winter recedes, I draw
open the robe to sun
one segment of body
Early crocuses
finger slender, rupturing
hard-pack soil
Immersion we chase
for fulfillment &
time branches more
questions than answers
Who sloughs layers   reclines
in goosebumped silence
lung-inters the dust
human in its ripeness
of the basement
of the house
they might die in?